Restaurants in Your Pocket

Order from your favorite restaurants & track on the go, with the all-new Wajabat app.

  • Register / Login

    Register easily in the app with Facebook, Google+ or Email, to access Wajabat's complete selection.

  • Restaurant Listing

    Choose from the list of restaurants, in your area.

  • Menu Listing

    You can easily choose what kind of menus you want to browse and what dishes looks tempting.

  • My Cart

    You add your dishes and drinks to your cart, where you can see what you plan on ordering and what the price will be. Both individual price and total amount.

  • Checkout

    When you want to complete your purchase and make the order, you do this at “checkout”. You will be routed to Stripe, which is our payment-provider. You then add your credit card, which you use to pay for the complete order.

  • Order Status

    When you have completed the order and its paid for, in full. You can track your order all the way from the time the restaurant accepts the order, to it being delivered to you.